Website Color Pallet

In an attempt to make this iteration of the website a little more pleasing to the eye, I have decided to actually use the site to assist in the development of the look and feel.  Today's task, pick a color pallet.  I tried to do this on my own, but when I see things on a pallet list, I like them, then when I put them on the web, they look very similar to one of my nieces or nephews drawings (some of them are significantly better).  So I started to look around on the net for combinations that others may like.  Since I have an affinity to military aircraft, I assume that I will have some of the military grey on there (Think F-16 for the dull, F-22 for the flat, and P-51 for the metallic) and that is what I started looking for.
That brings me to this site: From there I started to just select some colors that I liked and eventual found one that I liked.  And to refresh my mind on how tables work, I am presenting the Silver Air pallet.

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