Wipe PC

Does what the tittle says. Data is removed and cannot be recovered. Almost as good as TNT.

Super Scan

Scans a range of IPs and gives a list of all target machines. Can scan for ports and resolve IP to name as well.

Tree Compare

Look Left. Look Right. Find what is different. Compares two paths with attribute checks to see what is missing and can create a script to make them the same.


Looking for that missing share on the network. This tool can find it. Lists all shares visible. Best done from a Domain joined machine.

Sequoia View

See the pretty blocks that show you where all of the storage of a volume are. Makes it easy to get home runs when clearing space off a drive.


Are you too lazy to open IPCONFIG. Put this in your startup


I hate code. I hate command line consoles more. Problem half solved.

Angry IP

Tool used to scan a range of IPs and return information